Why I Do Not Support Zero Population Growth

Zero Population Growth (ZPG) is a philosophical and ethical viewpoint that advocates that people have fewer children, because of the exponential increase in global human population and the social and environmental pressures 8 billion humans are putting on the planet. Specifically, according to ZPG, couples should have at most two children, one to replace each parent. Or better yet, they could have one child, or adopt, or remain childless. In my experience of families who practice ZPG, including my father’s family and extended family, each generation reproduces at below replacement level, because of the mix of some couples reproducing at replacement level, while others have only one or no blood children.

On the face of it, ZPG seems eminently rational. What is the solution to there being too many people on the planet? Create fewer people. I am in favor of the global population being reduced, but I do not support ZPG at all. I don’t think having fewer children is a solution in any way for reducing the global population, and I actually think it’s counterproductive.

The problem with ZPG is that only a specific subset of the population practices it. Namely, only people of European descent are specifically trying to reduce the global population by having fewer children. Have you ever, even on the internet, seen an African, Hispanic, Near Eastern, or South Asian person advocate ZPG? I haven’t, even though those are the populations responsible for the exponential increase in human population. The peoples overpopulating the planet don’t care about global population – they are busy having more children, while Europeans are busy killing ourselves off trying to save the world.

Europeans aren’t the ones overpopulating the planet. We are one of the three human races, but we are 12% of the global population. In virtually every country, Europeans and European diaspora are having children at below replacement levels – the global European population is actually slowly declining, while the total global population skyrockets.

Only smart, altruistic people care enough about global problems that they are willing to disadvantage their own genetic line to try to create a better future for all of humanity. This will not save the world. This will just result in the good people committing voluntary suicide while everyone else continues to have more children. The population will continue to skyrocket same as ever, except only now there won’t be anyone left prepared to sacrifice their lives and their futures to save the world.

If you care about global population and are willing to hurt your own genetic survival to save people unrelated to you: the world needs you. The world needs your children. If you want to save the world, then don’t kill yourself off: have children who will be the saints and heroes the world needs to save it. If you care about humanity and the planet enough to care about this issue, I can basically guarantee that the world will not be a better place because you practiced ZPG. Quite the opposite: the world will be a worse place without you in it.

This is why I think ZPG is actively counterproductive. It causes all the best people, whom the world needs the most, to kill themselves off, while the rest of humanity continues on unaffected.

So what do I recommend as a solution to global population, if not ZPG? Women’s welfare.

In countries where women have more education, more human rights, and more social and economic control over their own lives, they have fewer children. The solution to reducing the exploding populations in Africa and India is not for Europeans to kill ourselves off, but for African and Indian women to have more power over whether and when they get married, have sex, and have children.

In my opinion it’s not Europeans’ responsibility to save the world and fix the problems of other races, but if you care about global population and are willing to take up the mantle of the white man’s burden, then actually do something: fund and support sex education in Africa, schools for girls in South Asia, women’s business initiatives in South America and Mexico, human rights efforts for women in the Near East, etc. etc. And if you care about these issues, please have children – lots of children, if you want them – ideally with someone as benevolent and charitable as you are, so that there will be another generation of smart, altruistic, hardworking people who will continue to care about saving the world and who will fight for the welfare of all of humanity, and the welfare of the planet itself, for generations to come.


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