Why I Will Not Be Vaccinating My Children

1. The evidence that vaccines cause harm is massive. I highly recommend Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies by Neil Z. Miller. Dr. John Bergman’s vaccine talks (also here and here) on YouTube also go over portions of the research.

2. The vaccine companies are protected by the government from having to pay for the harm they cause. If you or your child is harmed by a vaccine, it is impossible to sue the corporation that produced it and make them financially responsible for their actions. The vaccine companies are no longer accountable for the harm they cause, and consequently, since this law has been in place, the production of vaccines has exploded. This is an artificial protection that allows medical products that cause so much harm they would not be financially viable in the free market to be administered to hundreds of millions of people. I recommend reading either Vaccine Court by Anna Kirkland or The Vaccine Court by Wayne Rohde.

3. The burden of proof is always on the person making the positive claim. The burden of proof is on the medical community to prove that vaccines are safe and effective, not on people who don’t vaccinate to prove that vaccines are either not safe or not effective (though the evidence is abundant). I consider the evidence that vaccines are safe and effective grossly lacking. There need to be large, independent, long-term, double-blind, peer-reviewed, replicable and replicated studies for each vaccine, with a control group of children or adults who received a placebo and no other vaccinations. There also need to be studies:

  • For each booster.
  • For combinations of vaccines.
  • Examining whether time of administration has an impact on outcomes.
  • Determining what causes some people to have a serious adverse reaction to a specific vaccine, so those risk factors can be identified before children and adults receive the vaccine.

Significant research needs to be conducted before an evidence-based claim can be made that any vaccination is safe and effective. A prodigious amount of research needs to be conducted before anyone can claim that vaccines in general are proven safe and effective, or that the schedule of 69 vaccines children receive by age 18 (plus 4 in the womb) is safe and effective. Such research does not exist, and will not exist, because as things stand there is no financial motivation to determine whether vaccines are actually safe and effective. As long as people continue to vaccinate themselves and their children on a low standard of evidence (or a nonexistent standard, considering most people just do what their doctor says on faith), and as long as the government continues to protect vaccine corporations from their own liability, there will continue to be no financial motivation to conduct this research, or to improve the safety of vaccines.

I recommend all parents do their research. Read medical studies. Read some of the stories of the tens of thousands of people harmed by vaccines (here, for example, for just one vaccine). Ask your doctor if the doctor who administers the vaccine or the vaccine company that creates it will be financially liable if harm is caused. Ask them why they aren’t financially liable.

If you are a parent, this is your decision to make. If your child is disabled or becomes chronically ill as the result of a vaccination, you will be the one caring for your child, possibly for the rest of your life. Your doctor won’t face the consequences of this decision, nor will your friends or relatives, nor the reporter on the evening news. You will. You and your child will be the ones suffering the consequences, whether you vaccinate or not. You will be taking the responsibility if harm is caused, so it is your responsibility to make the decision.

Also recommended:

The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by Heather Fraser

Preventing Autism by Jay Gordon and Diane Reverand

Rising from the Dead by Suzanne Humphries

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor by Robert Mendelsohn

Recommended documentary:

The Silent Epidemic


4 thoughts on “Why I Will Not Be Vaccinating My Children

  1. Indeed, the masses are either too lazy or too stupid to do the research, even for the benefit of their children. The fear around this subject scares many off, too. Granted, the NON-vaccination path is not an easy one to follow, as opposiotion coming from medical people, families and friends can be vicious and daunting. But it is well worth the effort! I’ll be sharing this on my own page. thanks for posting!

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  2. I hate when the rabid (is there any other kind) pro-vaxxers say/think that everyone who doesn’t vaccinate is a moron who listened to Jenny McCarthy about autism.
    Please note that I said “everyone who doesn’t vaccinate” instead of anti-vaxxer. I’m not anti-anything- do what you feel is right for you and your family. And before you come at me about herd immunity, know that I don’t believe what the medical community tells us and in fact think that they make these recommendations to our detriment. See Bill Gates equating vaccinations with REDUCED population at least 3 times that have been caught on tape.
    And autism is a (relatively) small reason I choose to not vaccinate. SIDS is my #1 reason- I can deal with a disability but not with losing my baby, and I have read far too many horror stories relating SIDS and vaccinations.
    Jenny McCarthy has nothing to do with my decision. Luckily my grandparents and parents were ahead of the curve- I was born in 1982 and never got shots.
    My tip for being a non-vaxxer… tell as few people as possible. Do a lot of smiling & nodding.

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