European vs. African Values in Popular Music

A sampler of why we absolutely need to be Eurocentric, even for something as seemingly innocuous as the music we casually listen to. These are all popular mainstream songs I’ve selected, which I feel are representative of many like them.
















I grew up as the only European child in my classes at school, so I ended up being exposed to a lot of African and Hispanic popular music. It’s not an exaggeration to say virtually every single song is about vice. I think listening to POC pop like this is a major influence in rewriting European cultural values and convincing people that vice is somehow attractive, rather than the root of our destruction.

If you find pro-vice messages in the music you like, I would recommend just getting rid of it. Don’t listen to it anymore, no matter how catchy it is. Music gives us a strong emotional response to the messages in the lyrics, and music advocating a lifestyle of sex, greed, violence, drugs, gluttony, addiction, selfishness, laziness, and ego-tripping is not something we want to imprint on. There’s plenty of actually good European music out there, even in popular music – and the whole of folk and classical music. Listen to music that elevates instead of denigrates.

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