50 Ways to Be More Eurocentric

Please note, when I say “European” I mean racially European, both native Europeans and the diaspora. Wherever Europeans live, we create European civilizations, culture, and inventions.


  1. Study the seven heavenly virtues and strive to live by them.
  2. Practice ingenuous honesty, and do not attempt to conceal or obscure the truth. That is the way of others, not our way.
  3. Study European ethics, philosophy, and older books on conduct of life.
  4. Embrace the beautiful and the good in art, music, literature, home life, and every other aspect of your life. Don’t let relativism erase your instinctive standards of truth, beauty, and goodness.
  5. Have as many children as your heart desires. Love them dearly.
  6. Raise your children to love themselves, their heritage, and their people.
  7. Prioritize the needs of your family over the needs of others, as we prioritize the needs of our people over the needs of outsiders.
  8. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year.
  9. Make friends with other Europeans. Celebrate together, do activities together, like going on hikes together or starting a book club, and support each other.
  10. Do work that serves your European community, either locally or on a broader scale.
  11. Do charity work that directly benefits Europeans.
  12. Support local businesses rather than chain stores, which are largely non-European-run. Know whom you’re doing business with.
  13. Know where your money is invested and who owns and runs those corporations. Invest in local businesses and diversify as much as you are able.
  14. Pay as little tax as it is legally possible to pay, as our governments are actively working for our destruction.
  15. Read only books written by Europeans.
  16. Read books from small publishers, to avoid supporting the predominantly non-European-run major publishing corporations as much.
  17. Read about European history. Read biographies and autobiographies of great Europeans.
  18. Learn about science and mathematics, uniquely European endeavors. Take time to do your own research, experiments, and exploration.
  19. Learn a European language, ideally the language of your ancestors.
  20. Before you watch a film, look up the writer, director, and main actors on either Wikipedia or Ethnicelebs to make sure they’re European. For TV shows, check the creators and main actors.
  21. Watch more indie movies, to avoid supporting Hollywood as much, which, with the exception of early Disney and Pixar, is non-European and exploits Europeans.
  22. Get your news from other sources than major corporate media and major magazines, which are predominantly non-European.
  23. Listen only to music created by Europeans. Don’t listen to music that isn’t in line with your values – no matter how catchy it is.
  24. Learn about and listen to classical music, opera, and folk music.
  25. Take up painting or drawing.
  26. Learn to play a European musical instrument.
  27. Take lessons in ballroom dancing or folk dancing.
  28. Learn a European sport (most sports are European, so there’s plenty to pick from).
  29. Attend local theater performances, concerts, operas, and ballets, provided they are Eurocentric. Seek out other Eurocentric cultural events in your area.
  30. Do not attend or support non-European cultural events or centers. Eschew the pressures to be “multicultural.”
  31. Learn a craft – a textile art like weaving, sewing, or knitting, or pottery making, glasswork, woodworking, metalsmithing, or stonecarving.
  32. Garden.
  33. Eat organic, unprocessed foods. Don’t abuse your body with anything that is bad for you.
  34. Make meals at home rather than going out to eat most of time. When you do go out to eat, go to a local restaurant that serves organic, European food. Don’t support chain restaurants, foreign restaurants, or fast food places.
  35. Work on becoming increasingly self-sufficient.
  36. Learn horseback riding.
  37. Make radiant, drug-free physical and mental health a major priority.
  38. Work on getting into fearfully good physical shape. Strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, and an ability to prevent injuries are all important.
  39. Learn European martial arts, such as hand-to-hand combat, historical European martial arts (HEMA), boxing and wrestling, fencing, shooting, archery, weapons throwing, and weapon making.
  40. Work on improving your mind as well. Read a lot of books, do a variety of puzzles on a regular basis, study logic and rhetoric, and don’t waste your time.
  41. Travel throughout Europe and directly experience our natural love for our mother Europa.
  42. Do not travel in Africa, Asia, or South America, as large regions are entirely dependent on European tourism but have no love for Europeans. Use your money to support your own people.
  43. Learn to identify non-Europeans.
  44. Keep your internet use Eurocentric too. Don’t follow blogs or YouTube channels by non-Europeans.
  45. Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine, as it does not censor its searches to be more “politically correct” the way Google does, and it is too obscure for the government to be as interested in it. If I knew of a decent alternative to YouTube I would recommend that as well, especially since YouTube has started an aggressive campaign of removing videos they disagree with.
  46. Learn about etiquette and cultivate refined behavior.
  47. Learn about communication and expressing love. Make cultivating good relationships a priority.
  48. Avoid body modification. Be proud that you are the result of thousands and thousands of years of your ancestors’ wise choices in their mates.
  49. Avoid moving from place to place – cultivate strong attachments to kith, as you cultivate strong attachments to kin. Blood and soil!
  50. Love yourself, as you love your people.

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