Are You a Social Darwinist Yet?

In America

Free speech

Is being destroyed

Racism is rampant


In England

The totalitarianism is escalating


In Sweden


In South Africa

It will soon get worse

Than it already is


No one is going to save us but ourselves. We have to be the heroes we wish to see in the world. Whether you are a native European or diaspora, live Eurocentrically. Build a real-life ethnic community of Europeans – spend time together, serve each other, and celebrate the Wheel of the Year. Network with other Europeans online. Read books written by, for, and about Europeans. Keep your music, movies, and other media as Eurocentric as possible. Embrace your cultural heritage. Eschew post-modernism and come back to European aesthetics of beauty and meaning. Learn about the history of our people. Learn our languages, sing our songs, tell our stories. Learn about science and mathematics. Begin experimenting and discovering. Spend time in nature and find spiritual strength there. Strive to live your life according to the seven heavenly virtues. Raise your children to be proud of who they are and love their people. Prioritize your kith and kin above all else.

Chastity is a great virtue, but it becomes self-destructive when it turns into sterility. Similarly, charity and benevolence are great virtues, but they become self-destructive when they turn into martyrdom and xenomania. Our own good natures are being used to hurt us. We need to care for our own people, or we will die.

Love yourself, love your family, love your people.


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