Are You a Social Darwinist Yet?

In America Free speech Is being destroyed Racism is rampant   In England The totalitarianism is escalating   In Sweden   In South Africa It will soon get worse Than it already is   No one is going to save us but ourselves. We have to be the heroes … Continue reading Are You a Social Darwinist Yet?

Famous People Who Married Their First Cousins

Marc Antony Josiah Bartlett Charles Bulfinch John C. Calhoun (once removed) Charles Darwin William Ellery (once removed) Andre Gide Carl Giles Charlotte Perkins Gilman Samuel Gouverneur Edvard Grieg Friedrich Hayek Alexander Herzen Jesse James Jon Sigurdsson Thomas Malthus Darius Milhaud Samuel Morse (once removed) Edgar Allan Poe Sergei Rachmaninoff Igor Stravinsky Martin Van Buren (once … Continue reading Famous People Who Married Their First Cousins

Recommended YouTube Channels for Children

Batzilla the Bat Break Time Captain Valor Cotton Candy Craftsy Cultures for Health D-PAN Videos Eat the Weeds (as long as they understand they shouldn't eat foraged foods without supervision) Frugal Lil Gardener HiHo Kids Ingleton Pottery Ka Sundance Keep Music Pagan Lindsey Stirling Mango Island Mamma The Medieval European Martial Arts Guild Mega Battie … Continue reading Recommended YouTube Channels for Children

Some Thoughts on Political & Economic Systems

This is a reply to the marvelous, devastatingly eloquent Purple Sage's answer to a question I asked her, asking if she would talk about why she is in favor of statist communism over anarcho-communism (turns out, it's more complicated than that). Thinking she was a statist communist, and since I consider myself anarcho-capitalist, I expected … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Political & Economic Systems